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Fall 2014

Looking Within Me

September 5-7, 2014
Location:  Chappell Hill, TX

Just west of Houston

This is a women only retreat however is open to young women with an accompanying adult.

This retreat is meant to be a coming together of those who crave what they may or may not even realize they need in their lives.  The Red Tent Experience is a coming together of beautiful feminine souls which have the common bond of being women.  We learn from one another, we laugh with one another, we take time to just be.

Cost is $250 – $300 depending upon lodging option chosen
Includes:  All workshops, materials, Gratitude Gifts, lodging, meals and snacks throughout the weekend.

Discounts, payments and scholarship options available!

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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

Mandalas in Nature – A very self reflective experience creating your own mandala among the wonderful land we will be experiencing throughout the weekend.

Committing to my Purpose - An experience around the fire designed to embrace that which is within you and aching to come into your own.  We will cast off what is not needed in our lives in order to make room and commit to your own purpose and embrace the passion within.

Living in Gratitude - This workshop will focus around the thought that living in a state of gratitude makes for a better way of life and living with intention.

Flying at Life - This will be a very interactive workshop designed to help you be strategic and live the life you want without the clutter that one can stumble upon in life.  Simple techniques done on a daily basis to free you from “things” that weigh you down.

Wisdom from Within – Circle of women working together so that each woman leaves the weekend with a sense of whole and endless possibilities.

Blessing Circles - Small groups of three women sharing with one another will take place at various times throughout the weekend.  It could be a story or could be readings or anything in between.  A time of being in a small setting to truly “know” one another.

Additional workshops to be added soon.


We have a choice of three options:

    • $250 -Dorm style within four spaces in one building – shared sleeping and shared restrooms.  The Fairy House is the closest to the gathering spaces and would have some stairs.  Rooms are open to others with shared bathrooms however the charm of this building is just something to remember whether you are in the Fairy Mound Room, Fairy Loft, the Hollow Room or the Rabbit Hole, they each have a unique twist.
Semi-Private Lodging

Semi-Private Lodging

  • $275 – Semi-private room with shared bath.  This house is a little away from the “action” and overlooks the meadow with rocking chairs on the porch.  Four rooms with doors and each would have no more than three per room.  There are two bathrooms just steps down the hallway.
  • $300 -Semi-private  with en suite bathroom, mini fridge, microwave and coffee pot.  This is normally used as the leader cabin with one double bed and two twin beds with small dining table and couch so inclusive for those who would like a bit more privacy.  No more than three total in this room.  If you have mobility restrictions this is also the ADA room.


Since our retreats are attended by such a diverse group of women we try our best to cater to most any food needs.  For this retreat all meals will have a raw, vegan, vegetarian and carnivore options.  Additionally all food will be clarified as to Non-GMO/USDA certified organic food/drinks, grass fed/free range meats/eggs, no hormones/artificial anything added.  Nourishment for the weekend includes:  Dinner on Friday, Brunch on Saturday, Dinner on Saturday, Brunch on Sunday, Daily Breakfast Bar.  Available throughout the weekend: Infused Waters, Fresh Brewed Teas, Coffee/Tea Station, Fresh Fruit and Snacks throughout the weekend.  The only thing you might need to bring is soda if you are one who cannot do without.  If you need Kosher,  nightshades, Red Dye, etc. please let us know at registration and we will make ever effort to incorporate all dietary restrictions.

Gratitude Bags

We always have a red bag of goodies for our participants which are all hand chosen to go along with the theme of the retreat.  For example some from the past goodies have been a feng shui kit, a shimmy coin skirt, tambourine…  All have a purpose so that after you leave retreat, it a way of reliving retreat even just for a fleeting second when you get home.  Also included in all Gratitude Bags is a journal and pen.  Many other little goodies to help you have that lasting connection.